Do., 12. März | Kugelbahn Gesundbrunnen

Live: Kin of Bricks (local heroes)

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Live: Kin of Bricks (local heroes)

Zeit & Ort

12. März 2020, 21:00
Kugelbahn Gesundbrunnen, Grüntaler Str. 51, 13359 Berlin, Deutschland

Über die Veranstaltung

These bricks are part of a big brick wall that protects you from loneliness and fake emotions! Let their music awaken your spirits and make you feel a sense of connection with the universe!

The brotherhood between the trio started in Berlin when Lucas and Sam, knowing each other from having played in several bands together. Later on Sam met Eike in a studio session, who soon after became their drummer. His captivating drums are the rhythmic ground on which Lucas sings and screams in old blues fashion about the devil, relationships and everything else that comes with it. Sam adds another melody voice with his bass playing and enchants with a deep b string with warm depths. Lucas’ guitar gives all the 60’s and 70’s vibes with his vox amp and warm distortion. 

watch them on youtube: link

Kin of Bricks on facebook: link

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